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Mind Trick

2010-11-28 21:24:10 by chrislinerider

This is a trick I learned at school in Focus Class.

There are 5 glasses on a table. 3 are Full, and 2 are empty. They are arranged in this order: Full, Empty, Full, Empty, Full. You can only move and touch 1 glass, and they must be arranged in this order: Full, Full, Full, Empty, Empty. How do you do it? I will tell the answer in another news page, but you can learn the answer here. must find out a 4 letter code for my iPod touch. Post a comment below for your guess for the answer to the problem, or you can guess the code. If you get the code right, I will send a PM to you with the answer in the PM. OR........ you can go here. But with the link there is something missing. A word. It is beetween the word text and .com. What is it? If you find out, it will bring you to the site with the answer. Bye! I made the picture below my profile picture! :)

Mind Trick


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