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Blog Starting

2010-08-20 09:54:19 by chrislinerider

Hi! I decided to make my own blog here in the news posting spot. I'm bored right know and I have made my first animation. It is from pivot, where you can download here, and make an animation from a stick figure, a few stick figures, even over 10 stick figures! I made one and this is it.

I went swimming yesterday at a public pool, and did flips off the high dive. I failed to done one and I landed on my back. It hurt like heck.


Line rider beta 2.1

2010-08-18 09:15:31 by chrislinerider

Hi! I have released Line Rider Beta 2.1 to Newgrounds. I hope you rate high, and there are lots of things it can do. Even The sled can stand on its nose, tail, even ride upside-down usings these little lines called Granuals. Have fun!

Click Me!

EDIT: I FOUND BETA 1!!!!!!!!! Click Me Too!

Mario LOL moments

2010-08-17 16:00:50 by chrislinerider

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It's funny!

Lost Link

2010-08-17 10:38:56 by chrislinerider

Hi....... I need help to find my Line Rider Beta 1 link. I posted it the day before I posted this and I can't find it. I tryed to find it by searching the name but it didn't work. Can you help by sending a PM to me if you find the link?

EDIT: When I tryed to re-post it, it gave the first clue: I think the ID is 545731.