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Nintendo Dsi

2011-01-22 08:52:31 by chrislinerider

Hi guys. I got internet on my Dsi, so I get to go on Newgrounds. Just trying it out.

Mind trick 2

2010-11-30 22:07:32 by chrislinerider

Okay, here comes number 2. No one answered for number 1, so I will tell the answer here. You take the full glass on the right side end and pour the water in it to the first empty glass, or the second glass from left to right. Now for number 2. A man who works at a building near his apartment building uses an elevator to get from the bottom floor to the twelfth floor. But on rainy days, he goes straight to the twelfth floor, whilst on normal days, he goes to only the sixth floor on the elevator and then take the stairs to the twelfth floor. Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Here's a hint. Do not open your umbrella when your inside! It is bad luck!

Oh and one more thing I made this with my new iPod touch!!!

Mind Trick

2010-11-28 21:24:10 by chrislinerider

This is a trick I learned at school in Focus Class.

There are 5 glasses on a table. 3 are Full, and 2 are empty. They are arranged in this order: Full, Empty, Full, Empty, Full. You can only move and touch 1 glass, and they must be arranged in this order: Full, Full, Full, Empty, Empty. How do you do it? I will tell the answer in another news page, but you can learn the answer here. must find out a 4 letter code for my iPod touch. Post a comment below for your guess for the answer to the problem, or you can guess the code. If you get the code right, I will send a PM to you with the answer in the PM. OR........ you can go here. But with the link there is something missing. A word. It is beetween the word text and .com. What is it? If you find out, it will bring you to the site with the answer. Bye! I made the picture below my profile picture! :)

Mind Trick

My password.

2010-10-10 17:48:34 by chrislinerider

My password:

sweet - s + c - w + h - e + r - e + i - t + s + (9663676416 / 1073741824)

My password is scwereits?

...It's late

2010-09-10 21:27:43 by chrislinerider

I'm really tired right now. I just wanted to test out some HTML codes.

First, <p> <span style="color:orange">different font color</span> <span style="background-color:yellow">differ ent background color</span></p>

I guess the only ones that work are the ones above the text box here.

Blog Part 6

2010-08-28 17:31:10 by chrislinerider

I'm with my friend now and I'm am bored X 100000000. I don't know what to do and I didn't write here the days before because i had school and barely any time to write. So today is my grandma's birthday, and she had a sleepover. I'm pretty sure she staying till monday. Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored.

Blog Part 5

2010-08-25 21:30:20 by chrislinerider

I'm so tired because it is 9:30 PM. I have to go to bed right now so I might not write much here.
So, at school today, I played Foresquare. A lot of it.
I also broke my record today for my new Rubik's Slide puzzle I solved 50 different puzzles and I was on the bus with my friend.
Now, just 15-20 minutes ago from when I wrote this(About 9:28 right now), I probably got a new world record. 100 different puzzles!
I have to go now. Bye.

Blog part 4

2010-08-23 15:26:35 by chrislinerider


I'm bored right now and don't lnow what to do. Anyways, today i get to see my friends new cat named jasmine. I herad she is only 8 inches long and you can pick her up with one hand. We went to joe's crab shack for lunch and I got stuffed with crab legs. It started to rain and we had to go. Today is meet your teacher day. That's when you get to meet your teachers if they are new. I got a teacher named Miss Pruitt, and my sister got a teacher Mrs. McCreary. Bye because I have to go now. Bye.

Blog Part 3

2010-08-22 10:15:43 by chrislinerider

Hi..... It's early in the morning. I don't know what to do and my other friend's sister had a sleepover while my friend had a Soccer tournament in Cincinnati. I also made a paper boat for my sister and her friend with a piece of normal A4 paper. Then I took 4 pieces of paper, and taped them together to make a bigger one. Then I made a HUGE one with 16 pieces of A4 paper. It took about 45 minutes to make not including the break to go to Tim Hortons to get some timbits. I might ask everyone to help make a BIGGER paper boat!


Blog Part 2

2010-08-21 13:10:50 by chrislinerider

Hi! I spent my day at my friend's house. I even wrote this blog there. So, yesterday I made a stick figure animation which you can download here, and it is really cool. So today, I'm at my friends house playing Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2, and my friend got it for a birthday present. My friend wants to play a game so bye!